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PRESS RELEASE — Ulzi: A Student-Led Initiative to Change the Statistics of Sexual Assault

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**The following material may be triggering to those affected by sexual assault**


For Immediate Release

San Luis Obispo, CA, 15 November 2017— Ulzi is a tech company committed to making communities around the world a safer place for everyone by harnessing the power of community and crowdsourced safety.

Two years ago, the organization began as a platform for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories, often for the first time ever, and raise awareness about a highly stigmatized crime.

“As a parent and a survivor of rape and sexual assault, I am behind everything Ulzi stands for, and I believe we have a real opportunity to change the statistics related to sexual assault with Ulzi’s free community-based app.” – Sheri Poe, Award-winning Entrepreneur, Internationally-Renowned Speaker, Rape Survivor, Ulzi Advisor

Stories poured in by the hundreds, making one thing clear: the tools people needed and wanted to make their communities safer simply didn’t exist. Beyond awareness of the issue, the key to ending sexual assault is to empower people to prevent assault before it happens.

In 2018, California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo will become ground zero for the launch of the first crowdsourced safety app specifically tasked with ending sexual assault on college campuses.

Fraternities and sororities, one by one, are pledging to keep their communities safe. Greek organizations are standing up and committing to be the first to download the Ulzi app when it’s released and to be active bystanders in the fight against sexual assault, whether it be ensuring their friends get home safely after a party or coming to the aid of a neighbor.

Ulzi began engaging with Greek life in mid-October, and the number of committed members continues to rise. Thus far, six of Cal Poly’s fraternities have seen 100% of their members commit, including Delta Chi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Zeta Beta Tau, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Nu, and Delta Sigma Phi (graphs below constantly updating). Zeta Beta Tau has pledged over 100%, getting their local alumni to pledge, making them the first Greek Life chapter to become an Ulzi-approved organization, and Alpha Omicron Pi at Cal Poly was the first sorority to reach 100%.

“I think what Ulzi’s done right here is acknowledge that there’s more to be done about sexual assault than providing awareness and support after the fact. There’s an opportunity here to prevent an assault from happening in the first place, and I’m proud of my organization for being one of the first to pledge to do that. Everyone deserves to feel safe on a college campus; if our fraternity can help make that happen, we’re going to do it.” – Jacob Winter, President of Zeta Beta Tau at Cal Poly

These organizations are the first to pledge to be the change in their community, the first to proactively stand against sexual violence before it occurs and provide places where students feel safe.

“I am incredibly proud to be a part of such a strong, remarkable, and charitable organization in AOII. It is humbling to see our sisterhood extending beyond social events in order to stand with the community that is working towards the betterment and security of our town.” – Katie Segars, Alpha Omicron Pi at Cal Poly

Ulzi is traveling across California now to present to Greek Life and other organizations at schools like University of California Santa Barbara, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, and San Diego State University. Ulzi hopes to connect students and communities, to empower everyone to keep each other safe and accountable.

This movement is unlike any other for two reasons: it engages men in unprecedented numbers (44%), and it focuses on prevention.

The engagement and commitment Ulzi has experienced from men is unheard of in the fight to end sexual assault. So often men are silent on the topic of sexual violence, but the current generation of college students is breaking through the gendered boundaries of the issue, and acknowledging their role in ending sexual violence on college campuses.

A pledge to download Ulzi is a pledge to become an active participant in sexual assault prevention, a needed step in the environment built by various other organizations who provide the support to survivors and help spread awareness. Ulzi’s goal is to address the issue of sexual assault by stopping sexual assaults before they happen. Ulzi is calling on community members to pledge to be the first to download the Ulzi app when it’s released (see Pledge Now link below).

Imagine millions of people working together toward a common goal: making their communities safer and looking after one another. Ulzi is the best way to keep people you love safe.

“Our mission is to promote awareness, prevention, and safety through the power of community, and students can help us get there. We were astounded by the huge response we got, so everyone on the team is trying to figure out how to make this bigger than just Cal Poly. You know, will this go beyond Cal Poly, to all of California, and across the nation? We have a real opportunity to positively impact communities everywhere, and I hope we can keep the momentum going.” – Maxwell Fong, Co-Founder, Ulzi

Learn MorePledge Now — Connect with Ulzi on Social Media @UlziOfficial

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How Ulzi Started ulzi app freedom community campus safety family locator gps phone tracker emergency alert system

Who We Are & How We Started

Ulzi is a free community-based safety app to make you, your loved ones, and your community safer. It all started with an awareness movement; now survivors, lawmakers, law enforcement, schools, counselors, and various organizations and other supporters are helping us promote awareness and safety at the same time.

This is our origin story, but now, it all starts with you. Take the pledge.