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Every Single Member of Cal Poly’s Lambda Chi Alpha has Committed to Preventing Sexual Assault

Currently, fraternities are often painted in a negative light for incidences related to sexual assault, alcohol consumption, and hazing. However, Lambda Chi Alpha is committed defying the negative connotation commonly associated with fraternities.

100% of members in this organization have pledged to download the revolutionary mobile application, Ulzi, which is a tool to help community members come together and prevent sexual assault.

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This organization of caring and committed community members raced to support a method of intervention that allows them to prevent sexual assault. Ulzi is a free community-based safety app that helps keep everyone safe through crowdsourced safety. By having each member of this fraternity commit to such an application, the chapter overwhelmingly demonstrated their stance against sexual assault and their care in making their community safer.

“As gentlemen, we see it necessary to take initiative to prevent sexual assault throughout our campus and the first step starts from within–to hold each other accountable for spreading awareness and being there for our community.” – Parsa Manoochehri

More about Cal Poly’s Lambda Chi Alpha:

  • This chapter has been awarded as the Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter of the Year five times.
  • The fraternity’s philanthropy is Feeding America.
  • They donated $385 to the Marin Fire Department, who used the funds to assist people impacted by the East Bay Area fires.
  • In the past month, 10 Lambda Chi’s were initiated into the Order of Omega, which honors the top 3% of Greek Members in the world.
  • Lambda Chi Alpha brother Jack Gilchrist will serve as Order of Omega President, and brother Devon Mcpherson will serve as Vice President of Finance.

“As proud as I am of our brothers, it is critical we recognize that our work does not stop here. In order to ensure the safety of our community,  we must commit to continued growth, and to continued support of Ulzi’s powerful mission. The pledge to prevent sexual assault, and to create a  safe community for everyone in SLO is a group effort, and we are here to help.”  – Logan Boersma

Congratulations to every member of Cal Poly’s Lambda Chi Alpha for being one of the first organizations to take this step in fighting sexual assault. With support from people like you, Ulzi will be able to find solutions, decrease sexual assault statistics, and help YOU be the change in your communities.

To learn more about Ulzi, click here. To pledge, click here.

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