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Every Single Member of Cal Poly’s Sigma Nu has Committed to Preventing Sexual Assault

Currently, fraternities are often painted in a negative light for incidences related to sexual assault, alcohol consumption, and hazing. However, Sigma Nu has defied the public’s current negative connotation associated with fraternities.

100% of Cal Poly’s Sigma Nu members have pledged to download the revolutionary application, Ulzi, a tool to help prevent sexual assault. Sigma Nu’s Kappa Pi chapter was also voted “Best Fraternity on Campus” by PolyPicks 2 years in a row.

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This organization of caring community members raced to support a method that allows them to aid in preventing sexual assault. Ulzi is a free community-based safety app that helps keep everyone safe through crowdsourced safety. By having each member of this fraternity commit to such an application, the chapter overwhelmingly demonstrated their stance against sexual assault and their commitment to making their the community safer.

More about Cal Poly’s Sigma Nu:

To recognize a few standout individuals from this fraternity, Brett Raffish was chosen to serve as a Human Relations Commissioner for the City of San Luis Obispo and was just appointed ASI Chief of Staff. Raffish states why he has involved himself on and off campus,

“I want to see that Cal Poly students are being properly represented and that every student’s scholastic, academic, and collegiate life at Cal Poly is the greatest it possibly can be.”

Additionally, a group of their brothers (Seth Callen, Greg Hadley, Brendan Frasier, and Luke Brown) started a chapter of The Happy Cart Project here at Cal Poly. This project creates and donates craft project kits to children’s hospitals that hand out the projects to kids and their families, thus providing a needed creative distraction from stressful medical treatment.

This chapter also has multiple philanthropy events that take place throughout the year. Ducky Derby, their Winter Philanthropy Event, consists of racing rubber ducks that people purchase down the creek at Mission Plaza downtown. Proceeds go to Jack’s Helping hand. They have raised around $10,000 the past few years.

“Turn the Tables,” the Spring Quarter philanthropy, invites each sorority to their chapter house to compete in a table painting competition. The proceeds benefit Cal Poly SAFER, an advocacy, education and support resource for addressing sexual assault and misconduct.


In mid-July, Kappa Pi was recognized by the General Chapter with

  • the Manpower Award (above 100 men) – 139 Men
  • Pursuit of Excellence Program (PEP) Award for Excellence in Personal Development and Membership Value
  • PEP Award for Excellence in Values-Based Leadership
  • PEP Award for Operational Excellence
  • and the Regent’s Award for Academic Excellence (Top IFC GPA) – Fall and Spring 2016.
  • Kappa Pi received a 29/30 their 2016-2017 Pursuit of Excellence submission, which was tied for highest in the country with only two other chapters. (These results are based upon ten categories: Service and Philanthropy, Campus Leadership, Values Congruent Environments, Intellectual Development, Candidate Development, Brother Development, Alumni Development, Recruitment and Manpower, Chapter Operations, and Governance and Accountability.) Kappa Pi received excellence in 9/10 of those categories.
  • Sigma Nu also participated and won Gamma Phi Beta’s Flags for Frances, Alpha Phi’s Alpha FIFA, Alpha Omicron Pi’s Mr. Fraternity, and Alpha Chi Omega’s SLO Bowl last year.

Congratulations to every member of Cal Poly’s Sigma Nu for being one of the first organizations to take this step in fighting sexual assault. With support from people like you, Ulzi will be able to find solutions, decrease sexual assault statistics, and help YOU be the change in your communities.

To learn more about Ulzi, click here. To pledge, click here.

The Kappa Pi chapter of Sigma Nu uses an integrated Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development program (LEAD) to develop candidates and active members into ethical, competent leaders. The LEAD program is one of the largest cornerstones for Sigma Nu. The program consists of multiple phases which correspond with the number of years the active/candidate has spent at Cal Poly. Phase I is designed for candidate development and thus is completed during their candidate process. Phase 1 includes 12 sessions: Sexual Assault, Fraternity, History, Teamwork, Chapter Operations, Risk Reduction, Values & Ethics, Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Leadership, Project Management, Community Service, and Time Management.

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