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A Community Interwoven

Dictionaries can define it, neighborhoods can promote it, and marketers will use it. Community, though, isn’t a ploy to drive sales or a smattering of words and fine print on paper.

What is community?

It is the people around you, the feeling of belonging that they give you. It is the safety and security which is found in a home where the bed in the room next to yours is filled with a parent, a friend, a protector. It is the accountability that you feel to your friends and family. Seemingly intangible traits which are as important to us as any physical currency.

You could also describe community as a web of connections. While connections can be weak or strong, they all represent the interactions that you have with the people around you. Weaker connections are fleeting, coming and going almost instantly—the likes that you receive on social media or quick eye contact made with someone while walking on the street.

Strong connections, though, can form an emotional context with others. This is how communities are built, from the familiar faces of baristas at your favorite coffee shop to your best friends and roommates. The connections that link members of a community together become increasingly interwoven over time, creating systems of emotional links so complicated and spread out that a single tragedy can be felt like a ripple through every connected heartstring.

However, there seems to be a paradoxical relationship between community and technology. The interconnectedness of social media appears to isolate individuals rather than bring them together. The coffee shop becomes full of faces buried in phones, and a home becomes roommates trapped in their own personal dungeons of monitors and headphones.

Who We Are

Ulzi—as a technology company—seeks to break through that isolation, promoting awareness of issues and spurring users to action at the climax of a dangerous event. These connections will drive not just vanity and clicks, but an ever increasing accountability to those around you.

This connectedness is the inspiration behind Ulzi’s name. Ulzi is a knot representing the infinite crossing of paths and the interconnectedness of people which forms the basis of a community, the codependence on one another forming a web of safety and security for every community member.

At Ulzi, we strive to provide the tools we all need to make an impact, to reduce sexual violence and help keep others safe. Too often the focus of advocacy is centered on punishment and justice.

True social justice lies in prevention of violence, not punishment for it. Ulzi’s mission is to promote awareness of sexual violence, prevent it from happening whenever possible, and provide a place for healing for survivors and community members.

Through awareness we will poise communities for change. Once poised we give them tools to act for prevention, a clear path to intervening at the moment of violent action and preventing irreparable harm. For those times that it is impossible or too late to help, we provide an outlet for survivors to share their story, to mobilize their pain for advocacy and awareness.

Break stigma, spread awareness, and be the solution in your community.

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