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Why do we have Premium?

Often our business model, providing an app with most of its functionality for free while charging a subscription for more premium versions, seems counterintuitive at first. So, given how we value transparency and interdependence on one another, we thought we’d explain directly. Unlike many apps, we do our best to minimize any in-app advertising, and […]

News Today Sucks.

News today sucks. And while thoughts like “Why am I reading about Kim Kardashian’s latest scandal instead of the slave trade in Libya??” are perfectly fair questions to ask yourself and the media, I want to hone in on something more specific here: media coverage of the anti-sexual assault movement, and content warnings. This movement, […]

Who We Are & How We Started

Ulzi is a free community-based safety app to make you, your loved ones, and your community safer. It all started with an awareness movement; now survivors, lawmakers, law enforcement, schools, counselors, and various organizations and other supporters are helping us promote awareness and safety at the same time. This is our origin story, but now, […]