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Why do we have Premium?

Often our business model, providing an app with most of its functionality for free while charging a subscription for more premium versions, seems counterintuitive at first. So, given how we value transparency and interdependence on one another, we thought we’d explain directly.

Unlike many apps, we do our best to minimize any in-app advertising, and so we rely heavily on the revenue that comes in from our premium subscribers. This puts us in a tight spot though, because we can’t with good conscience hold back features that are integral to keeping a user safe simply because they can’t afford the premium version.

So, here’s what we decided: the app will come in two different trims. Free and Premium.

The free version of the app gives you access to the Red and Yellow Alerts, community responders, automatic emergency services dialing, and 10 free safe routes, and all the auto-recording features. We’ve endeavored to provide the necessary functions of the app a user will need to keep themselves safe, because we believe personal safety is not a commodity.

The premium version of the app includes those features which help users keep others safe. Features like Loved One Tracking and offline maps help to ensure that you’ll always be able to find your friends and loved ones when they’re in trouble. Unfortunately, we can’t offer these features, along with the exact GPS location sharing to emergency services, for free – there’s simply too much cost attached to them. So for Ulzi to stay afloat as a safety company (running servers, keeping app functions fast and effective, building out our community), not everything can operate freely.

We must also charge for features like: unlimited Loved One Tracking, map customization, and Ulzi Geozones. While we wish we could provide all our features to everyone for free, we simply aren’t able to deliver many features without generating revenue, and we’re happy to answer more questions you might have.

However, we want to remind all our users that the revenue we generate is used to create a safer community for everyone, everywhere. Whether we spend that money on further development of app features, to build new infrastructures that allow us to provide more features to free users, or to further grow the Ulzi community.

We’ll let you in on a secret. The revenue from premium subscriptions doesn’t just keep the lights on here at Ulzi. It helps to fund the development of new and improved features, as well as the continued growth of the Ulzi community. For every 1 Premium subscription, that makes it possible dollar-for-dollar for us to provide the free version to 50 people who otherwise would not have access. As the community grows, the free version of the app also becomes more effective, as it increases the number of responders in your area.

Members of the Ulzi organization are also working on projects that help to improve violence-prevention efforts and sexual assault awareness through our other project: Ulzi Stories. For more information on what Ulzi team members are doing to help make their communities safer, like partnering with local nonprofits, follow us on social media and email us with questions so we can add them to our FAQ!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Ulzi.

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